My Jewellery Business

It all began several years ago when I started making jewellery for my own personal use.  One thing led to another (as these things often do) and before I knew it I had a small jewellery business in the making.   As soon as it became known that I could make jewellery my customers began asking me if I could also repair it.  They really didn't take no for answer ... and so, a whole other side to the business was born.   Then in 2018 I started taking lessons with the Silver Smiths Guild of Canterbury and began learning to work with silver.  And the rest, as they say ....

My E-Commerce (Online Shopping) Website Business

As well as designing, making, and repairing jewellery, I also design and build e-commerce websites using the New Zealand based Storbie platform.  (It's sort of like Etsy and Shopify - only better because it's made for New Zealanders (and Australians) by New Zealanders).  Like Etsy and Shopify,  Storbie is designed to be DIY, but if your strengths are in other areas I'm here to help.

I can work with you to build you your own new online shop from scratch, and I can also edit, update, untangle, or even totally remodel your existing Storbie store. 

My Philosophy and Values

Not Just Red Ones is all about embracing and celebrating individual uniqueness and difference, without which the colour of our world would be a neutral, inoffensive, and totally unremarked shade of beige.   It's about having the strength and courage to be yourself, be different, and be unique.

As an artist I confess to being quite 'different' myself, and I am proud to count my differences among my many strengths.

I'm all about learning, growing, daring to be different, and flying into the wind by the seat of my pants.  At times it can be a really wild ride! 

I believe in kindness - even a little can go a very long way.  

I believe that money, although a necessity, should never be our primary pursuit nor the final reason for any of our actions. (This is not to say that I don't want money, because I most definitely do.) 

I believe in encouraging happiness, 

and I believe in celebrating milestones and success .... with cake (and maybe a bit of bubbly too).

Not Just Red Ones is based in Kaiapoi, New Zealand.

Donna is a teal (blue/green) one, with a dash of hot pink on the side.