Our Jewellery Business

A few years ago, Donna began making jewellery for her own personal use.  One thing led to another (as these things often do) and before she knew it she had a small jewellery business in the making, and since September 2016 Not Just Red Ones has operated out of small studio/retail store in Kaiapoi, New Zealand.  

Not Just Red Ones imports most of its high quality jewellery-making components (including, crystals, beads, and findings) from overseas but designs and assembles its finished products by hand in the Kaiapoi store.   

Our E-Commerce Business

Not Just Red Ones builds e-commerce websites using the Storbie platform.

As well as building new stores, we can also edit, update, untangle, or even totally remodel, existing Storbie stores. 

We assist and support both potential and existing Storbie store owners.

We tailor our services to suit the needs of our customers – which sometimes means we get to learn new tricks and do things we haven’t ever done before.

We operate our own small online store in order to ensure that we stay as up-to-date as possible with the latest developments - to Storbie in particular, and to the world of e-commerce in general.

Our Philosophy and Values

Here at Not Just Red Ones we embrace and celebrate uniqueness and difference, without which the colour of our world would be a neutral, inoffensive, and totally unremarked shade of beige.   

We're a little bit different ourselves and we count those differences among our strengths. 

We’re about learning, growing, daring to be different, and flying into the wind by the seat of our pants.  At times it can be a really wild ride!

We believe in kindness - even a little can go a very long way.

We believe that money, although a necessity, should never be our primary pursuit or the final reason for any of our actions.   (This is not to say that we don't want money, because we most definitely do.) 

We believe in encouraging happiness, 

and we believe in celebrating milestones and success .... with cake (and maybe a bit of bubbly too).

Not Just Red Ones is based in Kaiapoi, New Zealand, and is owned and operated by Donna Somervail.

Donna is a teal (blue/green) one, with a dash of hot pink on the side.