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I repair a wide range of costume and fashion jewellery items.

Simple Silver Jewellery Repairs Custom Solutions Stretch Bracelets Missing Crystals Simple Silver Jewellery Repairs Pearl Necklaces New Clasps Miscellaneous Repairs Pearl Knotting Beaded Jewellery From Old to New Fancy Beaded Earring Repairs Clip-Ons She was told it couldn't be repaired. Repaired and Remodelled Bead Puzzles Missing Beads

Simple Silver Jewellery Repairs

With a little bit of solder, and some careful reshaping of the silver border, these crystal earrings were made good as new.

Custom Solutions

This gorgeous Kagi earring and pendant set needed a chain repair, a touch of glue, and an innovative solution for the earrings which had lost their hooks and fittings.

Stretch Bracelets

A gorgeous bracelet made good as new with some quality stretch cord.

Missing Crystals

Replacement Swarovski crystals - whether you're missing just one crystal or all of them.

Simple Silver Jewellery Repairs

A small replacement part was made to fix a broken link.

Pearl Necklaces

Repair solutions for both natural and manmade pearl necklaces.

New Clasps

Replacements for broken and difficult to manage clasps.

Miscellaneous Repairs

Is it worth repairing? It is if you love it and will wear it again.

Pearl Knotting

Knotted with silk using a double thread no tools method for tight secure knots.

Beaded Jewellery

All types of beaded jewellery made new again. (Necklaces are my favourite things to repair)

From Old to New

Turning old treasures into unique wearables. These ones retained the original metal links through the beads but had new silver hooks added.

Fancy Beaded Earring Repairs

They were squashed, broken, and dirty but were made wearable once more. They were also converted from clip-ons to studs.


They can be a challenge but they can also be repaired.

She was told it couldn't be repaired.

But sometimes it's worth trying anyway.

Repaired and Remodelled

Sometimes repairs also offer the chance to change a few things that weren't quite right the first time around. In this case the big silver flower previously dangled from a chain and was always getting in the way.

Bead Puzzles

For when you've had the beads so long you can't remember what the necklace used to look like.

Missing Beads

If you lost some beads when your jewellery broke, there's always a way to make it better.

I began repairing costume and fashion jewellery about 4 years ago, shortly after my customers learned that I personally made all of the jewellery I sold.  I guess they figured that as my own was well made, it stood to reason that any repairs would also be done well too.  As word got around the occasional repair became a steady stream and I now have 100's of successful repairs under my belt.  

I offer a cost effective repair service for those pieces that you love but wouldn't usually consider taking to a traditional jeweller for repair. Many of my customers wonder if it is worth getting their jewellery repaired.  My answer is simply that if you like the item enough that you still want to wear it, then yes, it is worth getting it repaired.  

Please note: although I can sometimes perform simple solder repairs on broken sterling silver jewellery, I am not an expert bench jeweller and do not repair fine jewellery (precious metal/gemstone etc).  I can however recommend a reputable manufacturing jeweller if you are looking for someone to do that type of repair.

Services Include (but are not limited to):

  • restringing beaded necklaces and bracelets, including stretch bracelets

  • shortening/lengthening beaded necklaces

  • replacement clasps

  • replacing missing crystals, including Swarovski and marcasite

  • remodelling (for example, turning a necklace into a bracelet) 

  • replacement ear wires for earrings - including clip ons

  • knotting pearls 


My minimum repair fee is just $5.   In most cases though, the cost to repair an item is made up of the time taken to do the repair plus the cost of any materials used.  The repair fee is invoiced once repairs are completed and items are couriered as soon as the invoice has been paid.   Items for repair can also be dropped off at, and collected from my studio in person.

Please note, if specialised parts are required, a deposit to cover the cost of materials may be required in advance of the repair being completed.

A courier fee (if required) is additional to all prices listed. 


Beaded Necklaces

Prices are based on an average necklace length of 50cm (20 inches).  For longer necklaces, extra charges may apply.

Materials include stringing material, clasp, and findings.   

  • Restring a beaded necklace:  No missing beads or design changes.  Just $15 + materials per strand (if necklace has more than one strand)
  • Restring beaded necklace with minor changes - $20 + materials per strand (if necklace has more than one strand).  
  • Restring beaded necklace with major changes - $25 + materials per strand (if necklace has more than one strand).  This also includes necklaces where the beads are loose to begin with.
  • Restring and knot pearls:  Approximately $1 per cm plus materials.  Minimum charge is $45.00.  I use a double thread knotting technique which produces tight, even knots and also allows me to vary the size of the knot to suit.  Each end of the strand is finished with French wire for extra durability.  
  • Special commissions and complete remodels start at $50 + materials 


Beaded Bracelets 

  • Stretch bracelets $10  
  • Restringing: $10 & materials  (Materials include stringing medium, clasp, and findings.)
  • Note: Extra charges may apply for bracelets that wrap around the wrist more than once


Other Items for Repair 

On a case by case basis.  The minimum repair fee is $5 + materials


Cleaning Fee

Most jewellery that I repair also requires some degree of cleaning so this is usually part of the repair process. 

From time to time though items arrive that by virtue of having been a frequently worn favourite, have accumulated a bit more grime than can be easily wiped away.  If soaking, scrubbing (with a baby toothbrush), or the use chemical cleaners is required a cleaning fee (based on the amount of time taken) may be charged.  To minimise the possibility of damage, all cleaning is done by hand.  

Also, if you have jewellery that doesn't need repairing but could simply do with a good clean, then I'm happy to help.


Getting your broken jewellery to me for repair:

Items to be repaired can either be couriered to me or dropped off in person.   

You MUST use a COURIER service, and NEVER send by POST.  (This includes any form of tracked postage such as Parcel Post).  For further information and reasons for sending by courier only, please see the last section of the FAQ's  page.

The address to courier to is:  Not Just Red Ones Ltd, Room 7, 35 Ranfurly Street, Kaiapoi 7630.


Return courier: 

$5 non-rural address, $9.50 rural address.   

Please do not supply a return courier or post bag unless this has been pre-arranged.


No Surprises Guarantee

In all cases the materials to be used and the final price will be discussed and confirmed with the customer before the repair begins.


Workmanship Guarantee

If any item I have repaired breaks again in the same place, or if any parts used in the repair are in any way defective, I will repair the item again at my expense - including the cost of postage.

Please contact me with your repair enquiry today.