I offer a repair service for those pieces that you love but wouldn't usually consider taking to a traditional jeweller for repair.  They are the pieces that have sentimental value, and now live in the back of the drawer because for some reason they are no longer wearable but you just can't bring yourself to throw them out. 

(Repair enquiries can be made using the form at the bottom of this page)

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I began repairing costume and fashion jewellery several years ago, shortly after my customers learned that I personally made all of the jewellery I sold.  I guess they figured that as my own was well made, it stood to reason that any repairs would also be done well too.  As word got around, the occasional repair for a local resident turned into a steady stream of work coming in from all over New Zealand.  Although it started as a bit of a side gig, costume and fashion jewellery repairs are now a significant part of my day to day business.  

Many of my customers wonder if it is worth getting their jewellery repaired (especially as sometimes the cost of repair / restoration can be more than might have been paid for the item in the first place).  My answer is simply that if you like the item enough that you still want to wear it, then yes, it is definitely worth getting it repaired.  

Please note: although I can sometimes perform simple solder repairs on broken sterling silver jewellery, I am not an expert bench jeweller and do not repair fine jewellery (precious metal/gemstone etc).  I can however recommend a reputable manufacturing jeweller if you are looking for someone to do that type of repair.


Services Include (but are not limited to):

  • restringing beaded necklaces and bracelets, including stretch bracelets

  • replacement clasps

  • replacing missing crystals, including Swarovski and marcasite

  • replacement ear wires for earrings - including clip ons

  • knotting pearls 


Payment is requested after your item has been repaired, but before it is returned to you.  In most cases, you will be sent a photograph of the completed repair and an invoice.  Your jewellery will be couriered back to you once your payment has been received.


Minimum charge of $10 per item.  

Beaded Bracelets

  • Stretch Bracelets: replace stretch cord - $12.50 per bracelet
  • Basic Restringing:  $15 + materials per strand. (Materials include items such as stringing medium, clasp, replacement beads and findings.)
  • Note: Extra charges may apply for bracelets that wrap around the wrist more than once.
  • For anything other than simple stringing construction methods - eg, if macrame, leather cord, crimp spacing, chain etc, repair fees are calculated on an hourly basis.


Beaded Necklaces

Prices are based on an average necklace length of 50cm -55cm.  For longer necklaces, extra charges may apply.

  • Restring a beaded necklace:  No missing beads or design changes.  $20 + materials per strand (if necklace has more than one strand)
  • Restring beaded necklace with minor changes - $25 + materials per strand (if necklace has more than one strand).  
  • Restring beaded necklace with major changes - $30 + materials per strand (if necklace has more than one strand).  This also includes necklaces where the beads are loose to begin with and need to be arranged in a specific order.
  • For anything other than simple stringing construction methods - eg, if macrame, leather cord, crimp spacing, chain etc, repair fees are calculated on an hourly basis.


Pearls - Both Natural and Manmade

  • Restring on wire or silk with no knots:  Pricing is the same as for beaded necklaces.
  • Restring on silk with knots:  Approximately $1 per cm (Minimum charge $50.00) plus materials per strand.  I use traditional knotting techniques and where possible will finish the strand with french wire.  
  • Graduated Pearls.  If they requiring sorting, additional charges will apply. (Materials include items such as stringing medium, clasp, replacement beads, and findings.)   


Pearl Cleaning before Restringing:  (Important:  Please Read)

In most cases pearls will require cleaning before being restrung.  

  • Natural/Cultured Pearls:  Cultured pearls are relatively quick and easy to clean and cleaning costs will typically be no more than $10 - $15 per necklace.
  • Old or Heirloom Pearls: More often than not strands of old pearls (especially double or triple strands) are actually artificial and the pearl coating on these old beads can be extremely fragile - you may have noticed areas on your pearls that have worn away or even peeled off.  Before being restrung, these pearl beads almost always require cleaning, but because of their fragile nature, this cleaning can only be done by done by hand - one bead at a time.  Cleaning fragile faux pearls typically takes between 1 and 2 hours per strand.  (Cleaning is charged at $35 per hour).  


Bracelets and Necklaces:  Special commissions and complete remodels.  

  • $25 and $50 (respectively) + time, + materials.  


Other Items for Repair

I repair a wide and diverse range of costume jewellery.  Any repairs that do not fit into any of the previous categories will be handled on a case by case basis, and charged on an hourly basis + materials.  Please note:  I do not repair gold, or other fine jewellery.

The minimum repair fee is $10 per item 



Most jewellery that I repair requires some degree of cleaning. Most times a quick wipe down will do the trick but sometimes, well, let's just say you wouldn't want to see a close up photo while you're eating your dinner.  And, because much of what comes in for repair is old, fragile, or is in other ways not a suitable candidate for the ultrasonic cleaner, it needs to be cleaned by hand - which takes time - and sometimes it takes quite a bit of time.  

Unless specifically requested, I will generally only clean a piece as much as is needed in order to be able to repair it so please let me know if you'd like a full clean to be a part of the repair work. 

Also, if you have jewellery that doesn't need repairing but could simply do with a good clean, then I'm happy to help.

Cleaning is charged for on an hourly basis.


Return Courier: 

$6 non-rural address, $12.50 rural address.   

Please do not supply a return courier or post bag unless this has been pre-arranged.


Other fees

If specialised parts and services are required, a deposit to cover costs may be required in advance of the repair being completed.  Courier and postage fees incurred for those parts will also be passed on. 


Workmanship Guarantee

If any item I have repaired breaks again in the same place, or if any parts used in the repair are in any way defective, I will repair the item again at my expense - including the cost of postage.


Items to be repaired can either be couriered to me or dropped off in person.   


I really can't stress this enough.  NZ Post does NOT deliver to my studio

(and putting a tracking sticker on a post bag doesn't turn it into a courier parcel)

To make an enquiry about jewellery repairs, you will need to provide your name, email address, and also at least one clear (not blurry) photograph of the item of jewellery that would like to have repaired.  

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