Why is your company called 'Not Just Red Ones' ?

That's a really good question! In popular culture it is a well known fact that red ones go faster.  That's why sports cars are red, why red smarties get eaten first, and why The Flash wears a red suit.  Red ones are also very popular because many people believe that things that go faster are better than things that don't.  And so, we thought Red Ones would be a great name for the business (because we wanted our products to be highly desirable, sought after, and to sell quickly).

Unfortunately, that name was already taken by someone else, so we had to think of a different one. We thought of dozens of names - some were even really good - but, like Red Ones, they weren't available either.

And then we had a lightbulb moment and thought that although Red Ones are indeed highly desirable, there were probably a lot of people who didn't want to be like everyone else, so offering other products and services (ie not just red ones) might be a smart move. We also thought there was a good chance that a totally off-the-wall name might not already be taken.  And we were right!  

So there you have it.  That's our story and we're sticking to it - at least until we can come up with something better.

How many staff does your company employ?

Well, let's see .... there's the owner, the manager, the graphic designer and that girl down in marketing.  Then there's there's the product development team, the assembly and packaging staff, the web store manager, and the tea lady (who quite frankly doesn't do a very good job at all).  All together that comes to a grand total of  ... One,    

So you do everything yourself?

Don't be silly.  The accounts are outsourced.

Do you really use genuine Swarovski Crystals in your jewellery, and can I get an authentication number? 

Yes we do.  The Swarovski elements we use are purchased from a registered supplier in the United States.  

Authentication details are not currently available for our jewellery.  We wrote to Swarovski and asked to join their branding program but they said, "...your business is a little too small at the moment ...".     

We aim to one day be big enough to be able to provide authentication certificates, but in the meantime you'll just need to take our word. (You're also welcome to visit our little store in Kaiapoi to view a copy of the rejection e-mail for yourself.)

If they're real Swarovski crystals, why is your crystal jewellery so inexpensive?

We buy our crystals directly from a registered wholesale supplier, then design, assemble and package the earrings ourselves. Our packaging is simple, and our general overhead expenses are also fairly minimal.   

As the business grows, it is inevitable that our prices will also increase.  (I suggest buying now while the prices are still low.)

Tell me all about your delivery options?  If I buy from you today how long will my order take to arrive?

When: As a rule, we will give the courier your parcel on the next working day after you place your order.   For example, if you place an order on Monday, we'll give it to the courier on Tuesday.  Sometimes though, it might happen faster than that.  

We use an overnight courier service so there is a good chance that you'll get your parcel the day after it leaves us ... unless you live in the middle of nowhere (and let's be honest - that covers about 95% of NZ) in which case it might take a day or two longer.  Please also remember the courier generally only delivers Monday to Friday.

Signature Required: You also have the option of choosing a 'signature required' delivery when you're going through the checkout.  It costs a little bit more but should ensure that your parcel won't be left lying around if you're not at home when the courier arrives.

Rural addresses: Although the courier company charges us extra for rural deliveries, we don't currently ask our rural customers to pay more.    

Tracking:  Our parcels are all tracked.  If your order doesn't arrive within a few days, please let us know as soon as possible so we can go looking for it.  

Public holidays and other days off:  Not Just Red Ones currently has just one staff member and although she's highly dedicated to her job, from time to time she has a day off.  Where possible we'll let you know - even before you order - if there are going to be shipping delays.  Sometimes though, like that time when she fell off a ladder and ended up in an ambulance, there's not going to be much we can do about it.  Long story short:  if you need your purchase by a certain date, don't wait until the last minute to order it.

Can you deliver to customers in Australia?

Yes we can! 

First of all though, we suggest that if you're ordering from overseas you might like to make payment via Paypal.   It's fast and easy and it does all that currency conversion stuff automatically.

Unfortunately for our Australian customers, the courier fees per order are a little bit steep at present because in New Zealand jewellery of any sort is considered to be a prohibited / high risk item, and although courier companies would rather not carry it they can be persuaded to ... for a price.  So I apologise for the high courier cost, but please be assured that I am only passing on what the courier company charges me.   

Of course, if you purchase lots of jewellery at once, the courier fee will hardly seem like anything at all ...